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Home Phone Service

Find the right service to stay connected to family and friends with WhiteFence. Compare phone plans across different providers, from traditional phone companies to the best of VoIP and digital phone services. Enter your address and see the local phone plans available in your area.

High-Speed Internet

It's time to dump that slow dial-up service and get connected to high-speed internet through WhiteFence. Enter your address to see the providers and plans available to you.

Television Service

Use WhiteFence to find the cable or satellite TV service that's right for you. Whether you're looking for the best HDTV line-up or tons of channels and sports coverage, you'll find the service you need on WhiteFence.


Connect the electricity in your residence in minutes hassle-free with WhiteFence. Enter your address, browse available options and choose the monthly service plan that is right for you.

Natural Gas

Whether you are interested in a fixed rate plan that allows you to lock in your natural gas rate for a specific period of time or you want a variable plan with more flexibility, WhiteFence shows you the best natural gas options available in your area.

Change of Address Form

If you are moving or have recently moved, WhiteFence can help you change your address for free. Don't miss any of your important mail and save a trip to the post office. You can complete your change of address in less than five minutes.

Newspaper and Magazine Delivery

Get the news delivered to your doorstep with WhiteFence. Browse offers from nationally syndicated newspapers like USA Today as well as local newspapers. Enter your address and see the great selection of newspapers available at your address.

Appliance Rental

Make an affordable, convenient, maintenance-free decision - rent your appliances! Rather than purchasing a washer and dryer, you can rent both for a low monthly price. You can choose to get either a stacked set, a side-by-side set or a single appliance.
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