What Is Cable Internet?

Cable Internet service is a type of broadband connection that transmits data over a cable television network. Typically faster than DSL and cheaper than fiber-optic, a cable Internet connection offers a great balance of speed and affordability.

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How Cable Internet Works

Unlike dial-up and DSL, which transmit data over a phone line, cable Internet service uses the cable TV infrastructure to transmit data. Cable Internet users have a special cable modem, provided by the cable Internet companies themselves, that use a slice of the available bandwidth of the connection to download and upload information. Just like how a DSL connection does not tie up its phone line, a cable Internet connection does not affect the ability to watch TV throughout throughout the house.

Benefits of Cable High-Speed

Speed – Cable connections are incredibly quick, with some cable Internet providers able to deliver download speeds as fast as 100 Mbps
Consistency – While the speed of a DSL connection is based on how close your house is to the phone company, a cable connection will have a consistent speed no matter how far away the cable company is
No Landline Required – A cable connection does not require a phone line, which can help save you money
Price – Cable high-speed service typically delivers the lowest cost per Mbps in a given area
Always On – Unlike a dial-up connection, a cable connection is constantly connected and ready whenever you are